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Dear friend,

It’s high time the Idaho Legislature started serving the best interests of Idahoans rather than catering to special interests.  Idahoans want a stronger economy, better jobs, and public schools that help every child succeed.

High priced lobbyists often have other priorities.  But Idaho needs legislators who are dedicated to issues that everyday Idahoans care about. It is time for new leadership.  I am running for the state senate to help strengthen Idaho families, protect Idaho communities, and build an economy that works for all Idahoans!

In the state senate, I will support legislation that will:

*  Promote quality public schools

*  Help working families

*  Promote transparency and accountability in government; and

*  Protect and preserve our unique quality of life

I will bring to the Idaho Legislature the values I learned from my parents – respect for others, compassion, frugality, honesty and hard work.  The people of District 15 will always come first with me, and I will work to consistently represent their interests.

I welcome your input and ask for your support. Let’s work together for Idaho’s future!