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Betty’s Legislative Priorities

My campaign has three main priorities: an economy that works for everyone, a public school system that is properly funded and turns out young people prepared to succeed in the world, and a state government that is open, transparent, and free of the undue influence of special interests.

Those will be my touchstones.  I come into this race fully committed to working with Democrats, Republicans and Independents to responsibly address these issues and move Idaho forward.


Excellence in Our Public Schools

Top-notch schools are the key to our children’s future and to a thriving economy.  The Idaho Constitution requires the state to fund a thorough and uniform system of public schools.  It is time Idaho complies with our founders’ directive.

✓  We need to recruit and retain the best-qualified and most capable teachers.

✓  We must ensure that our school buildings are safe and secure.

✓  To facilitate learning, classes must be of a reasonable size.

✓  All students should have up-to-date textbooks.

✓  Our children – not out-of-state Internet providers – must come first.


An Economy that Works for Everyone

Idahoans deserve an economy where meaningful, living-wage jobs are available to everyone who wants one.  The state, in conjunction with the private sector, must do its part to:

✓  Properly fund our public schools

✓  Properly fund higher education, especially university research

✓  Protect our unique quality of life to attract new employers

✓  Provide a fair, balanced and stable tax structure

✓  Encourage agricultural exports and value-added agriculture

✓  Invest in the state’s infrastructure, to provide jobs and attract employers

✓  Encourage the development of alternative sources of energy

✓  Provide incentives for the development of high-speed wireless Internet


An Open and Transparent Government

State government must be open and transparent, and free of corruption and the influence of special interests.  Idaho is currently ranked 40th in the nation for the transparency of our government, and is one of only four states that do not require financial disclosure.  We can and must do better.

✓  Idaho needs tougher ethics laws, including a fair and open process to resolve complaints.

✓  Ethics decisions should be available to the public.

✓  Legislators should be required to make financial disclosures.

✓  It is time to close the “revolving door” between legislators and lobbyists.