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Letters to the Editor


Martin caters to single issue

Fred Martin soiled himself badly at Monday’s Centennial High School debate with Betty Richardson for District 15’s Senate seat. He twice refused to repudiate a vicious attack mailing from Idaho Chooses Life Executive Director, David Ripley. Consequently, he allowed palpable lies about his credentialed public service opponent to stand unchallenged. In not stepping up to obvious falsifications about Mrs. Richardson’s record, he aligned himself with a single-issue, lunatic fringe liar. District 15 deserves more principled leadership than that represented by Mr. Martin.

GENE E. BRAY, Meridian



No candidate is better prepared than Richardson

I have known Betty Richardson as a national, state and local leader, as a mentor, as a neighbor and as a friend for more than 25 years. There is not a better qualified candidate for Idaho’s Legislature anywhere. Betty’s record is deep and thorough. She knows how to deal with Washington from her years as U.S. attorney for Idaho. She has experience working with state issues from her years on the State Industrial Commission and she knows our needs in District 15 as a longtime resident of that area.

More importantly, she cares what people think. Betty is someone with whom anyone can talk — and she listens. Unlike many politicians who only listen with their ears — words going in one ear and out the other. She listens with her mind and heart as well. She is truly a person who will carefully consider and weigh input from constituents, because she cares about doing what’s right for our district and what’s right by our citizens.

Because of these and other qualities too many to fit in here, I encourage everyone in District 15 to join me in voting for Betty Richardson to represent us in the state Senate.




Richardson: a voice of reason, a listening ear

A war is waging over the proper way to educate students in Idaho. There are those who are attempting to politicize our children by using them like pawns in a chess game for their own egotistical gains. Idaho needs a sincere legislator with integrity who will listen to experts about what creates an environment for student learning and achievement. Betty Richardson has demonstrated those skills and exemplifies the character necessary to ensure Idaho’s children will no longer be batted around for personal political gains. As a teacher of 29 years, I know how difficult it has been to get a true advocate for student learning. District 15, where I teach, is lucky to have a candidate who can offer a voice of reason and a listening ear to experts who understand the needs of our precious children. Betty will deliberate what’s best for your children and mine. Vote Betty Richardson for Idaho senator representing District 15.




Two quality candidates: Richardson and Berch

District 15 voters are sure lucky! District 15 has clear choices on legislative candidates. These quality candidates deserve your consideration. Take the time to learn about them. Betty Richardson, Senate candidate, served brilliantly as the first female U.S. attorney from Idaho. She fought hard against violent criminals and worked to implement the “Do Not Call” list for Idahoans. Betty is straightforward on where she stands on education, seniors and public safety. Her opponent hasn’t been so open; he talks around each issue. He even stated that he didn’t read his party platform carefully before signing. Betty not only studies the issues she listens to her constituents. Every phase of Betty’s life reflects integrity and respect for the law. Unlike her opponent who breaks rules and has financial management problems.

Steve Berch is running for House Seat B to serve his community. He personally meets people, listens to their concerns and demonstrates compassion. Steve is open on his support of public education, economic development and constitutional rights. His opponent refuses to give interviews or return calls to constituents. Make the clear choice and vote for Betty Richardson and Steve Berch!





Richardson offers true leadership

District 15 candidate Fred Martin considers it an excuse that he affirmed the Republican Party plank calling for repeal of the 17th Amendment because he “didn’t read the platform carefully enough when he completed a party questionnaire.” I started my career working as a speechwriter on Capitol Hill for a Republican congressman during the Watergate era, and got a firsthand look at a process dominated by legislators who, in the words of Gilbert and Sullivan, “always voted at their party’s call, and never thought of thinking for themselves at all.”

I have worked with Betty Richardson and known her for three decades. She has an outstanding intellect, and believe me, she does her homework. If voters want yet another pandering politician who can’t be bothered to even read his party’s platform or legislation before casting his vote, Martin is their man. With Betty Richardson, whether you agree with her on an issue or not, you won’t get back-slapping and pandering; all you will get is her thoughtful attention to the issue at hand, the unvarnished truth, and her vote on legislation based upon the best interests of Idaho as she sees it. That used to be called leadership.




A great opportunity: Elect Richardson

As a resident of District 15, I am honored to serve on the campaign committee for Betty Richardson for Senate. Betty’s experience as a U.S. attorney for Idaho, her legal background and her longtime involvement in her community make her a fantastic choice.

Cities in Idaho face difficult challenges. Decisions made at the state level can put more burden on cities to provide services. Betty will bring comprehensive, reasonable debate to the issues facing Idaho. She understands that decisions are not made in a vacuum, that they have trickle-down effects that must be addressed.

We cannot pass up the opportunity to elect such a dedicated public servant. Please join me in supporting Betty Richardson for state Senate in District 15.

MARYANNE JORDAN, Boise City Council




Richardson will work across party lines

We have known Betty Richardson for 25 years and highly recommend her to the voters of District 15. Betty is an Idaho native from Lewiston who is public-spirited and dedicated to the people of Idaho. She served us well as the U.S. attorney for the district of Idaho and as the chairman of the Idaho Industrial Commission. She is an excellent attorney and a tough but likable people person who will work across party lines to get things done in the Legislature. We like her common-sense priorities: she will fight for good schools, good jobs and good government. That is where we need to focus and that is what Betty will do. Please support Betty for District 15 Senate on Nov. 6.




Richardson will be advocate for families

I am writing in support of Betty Richardson for the state Senate from West Boise’s District 15. I have known Betty for almost 30 years. I have worked with her, socialized with her and her family, and seen her in many different situations. She is always open-minded, fair and reasonable.

I worked with Betty on a daily basis when she served as Idaho’s U.S. attorney, and I saw her make tough decisions, solve thorny problems and bring consensus among people with different viewpoints. Perhaps most importantly, I saw how well she communicates and how well she connects with people.

Betty is committed to excellence in our public schools, an economy that works for everyone, and the quality of life we all enjoy here in Idaho. She will be a voice of reason in the Legislature, and an advocate for Idaho’s families.

I urge every voter in District 15 to support Betty Richardson.




Richardson will bring diligence to Senate job

I have been a resident of District 15 for 12 years and I’m voting for Betty Richardson for the Idaho Senate. As a senior citizen I am very concerned about my grandchildren’s education and our economy. I believe that Betty will bring the same diligence she showed as Idaho’s U.S. attorney to the Idaho Senate in working for these critical issues.

Please take time to vote and remember to vote for Betty.




Richardson the smart choice for Senate

The people in District 15 are very fortunate to have Betty Richardson as a candidate for Idaho Senate. I am a senior citizen and appreciate Betty’s history of caring about older folks. When Betty was Idaho’s U.S. attorney, she fought against telemarketers and health care fraud. She was tough on criminals and took many violent offenders off the streets. As state senator, Betty will continue to support policies that directly impact seniors, such as Social Security, Medicare and home health care. Betty also understands that caregivers have difficult jobs and she will be a champion for them.

My interest in Betty is not limited to age-related issues. Her willingness to support education, not by lip service, but by actually working to back teachers and ensure schools have adequate resources, will make her an excellent senator.

Betty is well-respected in many circles; in her neighborhood, in her profession, in her social networks. She will not only hold herself accountable for her decisions in the Senate but will hold her fellow lawmakers accountable as well.

Betty Richardson is the smart choice for District 15 Idaho senator!




Richardson knows how to find solutions

These days we see too many politicians wasting their time and our money on not getting anything done. Having seen Betty Richardson tackling a variety of tasks over many years, I know she is a person who focuses on the important issues and finds solutions. She listens to all views, thinks carefully, and advocates clearly for what is best for our communities. This is the kind of positive, problem-solving approach we need in our Legislature. I urge you to vote for Betty Richardson for Idaho’s District 15 Senate.




Richardson is no rubber stamp

District 15 needs Betty Richardson’s leadership.

As a fiscal conservative living in District 15, I am voting for Betty Richardson for Senate. I have had the privilege of knowing Betty personally for many years — I can state unequivocally she possesses the necessary work ethic, leadership qualities and professional background to be a strong advocate for the interests of District 15 working families. Her independence and genuine commitment to serving the best interests of Idahoans is exactly the kind of leadership we need in the Senate. She has a strong record of working with both parties. The stakes are too high and the issues too important to simply have a rubber stamp politician representing the people of West Boise. If you’re living in District 15, take the time to compare the candidates, and vote for Betty — we need a strong leader looking out for us in Idaho’s Senate.




Richardson will fight for her constituents

I support Betty Richardson for District 15 Idaho senator because she gets it! She gets that teachers are key to our kids’ education; she gets that good education is connected to a strong economy and she gets that seniors need legislative support. Betty’s integrity, diligence and proven experience make her the best choice. Betty has consistently given specifics on what policies she supports. Her opponent repeatedly gives the same, tired statements of lower taxes. Here is a news flash: Everyone wants lower taxes but intelligent people want a legislator who will fight for our kids, our future and our communities. Betty Richardson as senator will do just that. She will listen to her constituents and fight for them. She gets it! Vote for Betty Richardson. She will be an outstanding senator for District 15.




Richardson will seek education solutions

Over the years, I’ve learned to be wary of candidates who speak in bland generalities but won’t be specific. Fortunately, as a resident of District 15 in West Boise, I’ve received several mailings from Betty Richardson and I’ve heard her speak, and she’s very specific — about her experience, her beliefs and what her priorities would be in the Senate. I admire her willingness to say where she stands. It is evident that she has done her homework. She respects the voters by giving us reasoned positions, not just platitudes.

Betty Richardson has a proven track record as Idaho U.S. attorney. She has clearly put child advocacy at the forefront of her past work. So I trust her when she says that public education will be a priority when she serves in the Idaho Senate. As a parent who raised children in Idaho, I had continual concerns about the quality of education available to my children and their peers. It is past time for Idaho to focus on both K-12 and higher education. Betty has my vote this November as I look to her to work for better solutions for our state’s education system.







Elect Betty Richardson

My mother, Betty Richardson, has taught me so much — about personal responsibility, hard work, respecting and serving others, and compassion.

Mom has always been my guiding light, and even now, at 21, I look up to her. She’s always wanted the best for our family — and for all Idaho families. She helped in our classrooms, volunteered with youth sports programs, created a drug abuse prevention program, and helped clothe children in need.

Mom really cares about people, and I know she will make a great state senator! Please join me in voting for my mom, Betty Richardson, on Nov. 6.




For Richardson

The voters of District 15 are in the fortunate position of being able to vote for Betty Richardson, an outstanding state Senate candidate. I’ve known Betty for over 25 years, and I have never known a more honest person. She’s an Idahoan through and through, and she and husband Pete have raised two fine children. They are now successful adults and outstanding products of our public school system.

Betty will bring years of public service and top administrative experience to the Senate. When Betty was U.S. attorney for Idaho, she worked tirelessly for the people of Idaho, whether she was prosecuting drug dealers or tracking down white- collar criminals. Protecting and helping the hardworking families of Idaho continue to be top priorities for Betty.

As a health information professional, I know how important it is to be able to trust a source for its truth and accuracy. Betty brings intelligence and integrity to everything she touches. In Betty, District 15 residents will have a senator who listens to them, fights for them, and will never let them down.




For Richardson

I would like to endorse Betty Richardson for Senate Seat 15. My reasons for this endorsement are many and heartfelt; however, I have condensed this endorsement to the most significant. Betty is very approachable. She will listen and seriously considers other viewpoints. She realizes we have become a diverse society and will not always agree with one other, but the importance of mutual respect is an absolute. When talking with Betty recently, I was reminded of her leadership qualities. We did not agree on everything, but she listened to me and attempted to learn from my differing views.

Really listening and hearing others is central to being an effective public servant. It is not always about one opinion or one group. It’s critical that our elected officials meet the needs of those they represent, even those with whom they may disagree. Recognizing our differences and being able to compromise says a great deal about understanding how our system works and the country in which we live.

Betty, how refreshing that you still have the ability to really hear all of us. I appreciate the manner in which you respect all people. You’d be an effective senator.




Romney, Richardson

As a registered Republican and strong Romney supporter, I want to publicly endorse Betty Richardson for state Senate in District 15. I have lived in this district, and have known Betty, for the last 25 years, both on a political and a personal level. I have not in the past, nor do I now, agree with Betty on most political issues. However, there are two overriding reasons that bring me to support her bid for the state Senate, and they are integrity and character. I know of no one with greater integrity, and upstanding character, that has enough courage to battle for the little guy in the arena of today’s sometimes really ugly politics. As a semi-retired businessman with a special needs daughter, Betty has always been there for me, my wife, and for Tine. For me, it’s Romney and Richardson!




For Richardson

As a mother, grandmother and resident of District 15, I am supporting Betty Richardson for the Idaho Senate. I have had many interactions with Betty. She consistently demonstrates integrity in all she does. Her education and work history, coupled with her knowledge of the Idaho Constitution and the legislative process, make her very qualified to serve.

Betty understands that the strength of Idaho’s economy depends on the strength of our public school system. She will be a strong advocate for outstanding public schools.

Betty also strongly supports our civil liberties. She does not think the state should mandate health care procedures and interfere with the doctor-patient relationship.

Betty is an independent thinker and will not be held hostage by any party platform, nor will she sign any pledge that restricts her ability to seek consensus and meet her legislative responsibilities.

If you live in District 15 and want a senator who will listen to all residents, not just those who are members of one political party, I encourage you to vote for Betty Richardson. She will work hard, listen to all of her constituents, and put Idaho first.




Vote for Richardson

West Boise is fortunate to have a top candidate for the state Senate in Betty Richardson. I have known Betty for more than 25 years, and I know her to be a person of the highest integrity. She has a long record of public service to Idaho, including a term as chair of the Industrial Commission and seven years as Idaho’s U.S. attorney, a position to which she was appointed by the president and unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate. She is fully qualified to serve effectively as your senator.

I have watched Betty and her husband, Pete, as they raised their two children. The values they hold, and the values that they taught their children, are Idaho’s values — honesty, hard work, compassion and personal responsibility. These are the values Betty will take to the state Senate.

I urge everyone in District 15 to visit to learn more about this excellent candidate.




Support Richardson

Betty Richardson is running for Idaho state Senate, District 15. I’m working on Betty’s campaign and I’m voting for Betty because I know her to be honest, open and intelligent. Her priorities for Idaho are the same as mine.

Betty, herself a product of Idaho schools, believes education is the key to the success of our children and grandchildren. She supports small class sizes and retention of the most capable teachers to instruct, and to encourage, our children.

Betty knows that improving Idaho’s economy is dependent on developing living-wage jobs and on providing a fair, balanced and stable tax structure.

Betty believes in governmental transparency, tougher ethics laws and complete financial disclosure. Her legal background and her common sense put Betty in a class of her own when it comes to improving Idaho’s Legislature.

Better education, vibrant economy and improved government. Sounds like baseball, apple pie and motherhood to me! Who wouldn’t vote for Betty Richardson for Idaho state senator?






Elect Betty Richardson

I believe my political ideologies bear a striking resemblance to those of my neighbors living throughout West Boise. Fiscally moderate. Socially progressive. Independent in nature. A belief in doing what is right, not what is popular. This election year, we are lucky to have a candidate in Betty Richardson who will represent these values well in District 15.

The first woman appointed to serve as Idaho’s U.S. attorney, Betty brings a level of experience rarely seen in a candidate. As a Boise City Council member, I appreciate Betty Richardson’s thorough understanding of the laws impacting our citizens, down to the local level. Betty is passionate about the issues and has a detailed plan that will improve the lives of every citizen in Idaho. Betty has the right priorities in mind: an economy that works for everyone, a public school system that is properly funded and turns out young people prepared to succeed in the world, and a state government that is open, transparent, and free of the undue influence of special interests. Please join me in supporting Betty Richardson for state Senate in District 15. Learn more about Betty





For Betty Richardson

I live in District 15 and Betty Richardson will be getting my vote for my state senator in the upcoming November elections.

I have heard Betty speak on several occasions and I am impressed by what she has to say. She is an intelligent, rational-thinking woman who has the best interests of my district and Idaho at heart.

I believe that she will be a welcome addition to our state Legislature. Her past experience as a U.S. attorney will serve her well to understand our current and future laws and their ramifications for Idaho’s citizens. Her concerns about the future of Idaho’s public education are similar to mine and I cannot think of a more qualified candidate to serve in our state Senate. Please vote for Betty Richardson when you go to the polls in November.