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Posted by on Oct 26, 2012 in Press Releases | 0 comments

Senate Candidate Betty Richardson Decries ‘Dishonest and Shameless’ Mailier

CONTACT: Betty Richardson, 939-0963


BOISE – District 15 Senate candidate Betty Richardson today denounced “a dishonest and shameless” mailer sent by Idaho Chooses Life Executive Director David Ripley. Richardson said that the post card sent to residents of District 15 falsely accuses her of supporting “abortion on demand” and “unlimited abortion at taxpayer expense.”

“I have never taken such positions, and I never will,” Richardson said.  “I understand that attacks on candidates for public office are broadly covered by free speech rights, but there is a limit, and I have consulted an attorney regarding a possible defamation action.  It’s time someone stood up to bullies who peddle blatant lies for political gain.”

Richardson said her stance on abortion is simple, straightforward and consistent.  “My position also happens to be the position that the United States has taken for the last 40 years – a woman’s access to an abortion in the early stages of pregnancy should be legal.”

Richardson said she will work to reduce the rate of abortion.  “We will not bring the abortion rate down by making criminals of women or doctors, or by promoting the thoroughly discredited ultrasound legislation we saw introduced last year.  Abortion rates plummet when women have access to quality health care and have the information and resources they need to avoid unwanted pregnancies.”

“As a state senator, I will look for common-ground solutions,” Richardson said.  I believe that people of good will, whatever their political persuasion, can come together on this.” Richardson said that she strongly supports adoption and would encourage the state to do more to support foster care and adoption services. “Many children are in need of permanent, safe, and loving homes, and we should look for ways to help these children, families who wish to adopt, and birth parents.”

“Some people think they can get away with launching dishonest attacks just before the election,” Richardson said. “My opponent should reject the support of an organization that would resort to such despicable tactics, and I call upon him to do so.

I also call upon him to release his responses to the Idaho Chooses Life questionnaire.  In his interview with the Statesman editorial board and his written response to the Statesman questionnaire, he refused to answer how he would have voted on the ultrasound bill.  It would be revealing to learn if he told David Ripley something he wouldn’t tell the voters.”