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Posted by on Nov 7, 2012 in Press Releases | 0 comments

Statement by Betty Richardson

For immediate release
November 7, 2012

Contact: Betty Richardson


 Statement by Betty Richardson


A few minutes ago I called my opponent Fred Martin, congratulated him on his election, and wished him well.

I am proud of the race we ran.  While I could have been a better candidate, no candidate could have had a better team behind her.

I am deeply grateful to everyone who honored me with their vote or who volunteered or made a donation. I am especially thankful to the members of my family whose encouragement was steadfast.

I could not have had more supportive co-chairs than Cecil Andrus and Dave Bieter, or a better bi-partisan advisory committee.  I also had a terrific campaign team led by a great manager Annie Berglund.

I knew when I announced that this would be a tough year for Democrats in Idaho.  But I also knew that this race was worth running.  And I have learned so much from the many voters I met.

I would ask those who supported me not to think for a moment that it was all in vain.  Good government is not a 50 yard sprint; it is a marathon.  Each election, we strive to do better.

Today, District 15 remains a Republican district.  But the voters have shown that they will take a very close look at independent-minded Democrats who run hard. Indeed, this district has become very competitive, and there is good reason to look to the future.